Closing Thoughts on Student Teaching, or A Journal Entry

Take a look at the small desk adjacent to the teacher’s desk. The one without a pun nameplate, organized “in” and “out” boxes, or a desktop calendar. Yeah, that’s my desk; the student teacher’s desk. As you can see, I’ve been working very hard this past semester for you. Look at all of the stacks of handouts sprawled about the surface area! If you’re going to be absent, just get the handouts you’ll need. Yep, you’re set up for success now. Do well at FFA, FBLA, or whatever, and we’ll deal with grades when you come back. If you have any questions, just email or tweet and I’ll help you.

C-Q3fsgUAAAp4fB.jpg large

As you can see, there’s not much for me to do these days. I may grade a few papers, run a message to the next-door classroom, or look up scholarly articles for the Advanced Placement students, but here I sit, as you can see. I read the news, both real and fake, write emails, and pretend to be perplexed at my computer screen. Maybe I browse Amazon and curate my wish list (mostly watches, boots, and books). I can’t game. That would be too obvious with the obnoxious mouse-clicking and anxious expressions on my face. No. So, I’ll just play solitaire until I realize my Dad likes solitaire; I’m a poker man.

As you can see, I eat lunch alone in the classroom. You’re off to the lunchroom or off-campus, but I’ll stay here with tuna, peaches, a cookie, and a bottle of water. No, I don’t mind if you stay here and study. Do what you will. Yeah, I’m cool like that. We don’t say a word for 45 minutes. The room is still with keyboards tapping and LCD lights dancing.

As you can see, the bell has rung and third block has begun. I say goodbye and I’ll see you soon for fourth block. Now its just me and the cooperating  teacher. He talks to himself, but we don’t talk. I can’t relate to him. He’s married with kids; I’m single. He’s four years older than my brother. Crap, that’s old. I get up and walk around the building like some loner creeper. This school is one small building, and everyone’s busy teaching. As you can see, I’m bored.

Fourth block starts and as you can see, this is a somnolent bunch. Just a class of ten, one teacher, and a student teacher. He goes through the same motions as in the second block. It’s like performing arts, but I skipped acting school. They used to walk up to my desk and say “Hi” during downtime, but it’s like I don’t even exist anymore. Remember all of those units I taught you? Satire, stream of consciousness, and nonfiction? It was a good time, I think to myself, looking back on it now. I only hope you don’t hate me.

As you can see, I’m being phased out of student teaching.



3 thoughts on “Closing Thoughts on Student Teaching, or A Journal Entry

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  1. It was great to finish up student teaching, but I also remember that feeling of floundering, wondering just what to do now that I was “done.” Things will be picking up soon, though, you can count on that. Something else to look forward to: You’ll find yourself thinking, “My dad does/did that” more and more as the years go by…

    Thanks for a good read!


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